For over 35 years ULTRA has set the standard for quality in industrial metal finishing. Our experience, knowledge, and standards for excellence combined with our innovative processes and finishing techniques make us uniquely qualified to meet your metal finishing needs. Quality Control. Custom Design. Personal Service. On Time Delivery. That's the formula that has made ULTRA a leader in the industry.

We service the Paper, Plastics, Converting, Mining and many other manufacturing and service related industries from our 50,000 sq. ft. facility. Our 20+ employees actively participate in continuously improving the quality of our products, service and customer satisfaction.

ISO Certification
ULTRA achieved ISO certification on March 28, 2008. We take pride in our organization and attention to detail in every aspect of our business.

ULTRA's Quality Policy

At ULTRA we strive to be the preferred supplier for Metal Finishing through the excellence of our products and services.

Our overall objective is to ensure complete customer satisfaction by performing every task right the first time, every time.

Our Quality Policy is based on the following principals.

* The quality of our products and services is defined solely by our customers requirements and expectations.
* Our purpose is to add value to our customers products.
* Our employees are the most important resource of the organization.
* Our vendors must play a significant role in the quality of our products.
* Our Processes must be designed to build quality into our products the first time.
* Quality improvement is a never ending process.

Quality by Design.
It means we insist on excellence every step of the way. From planning and design to inspection and delivery. ULTRA sets the standard for quality in industrial metal finishing. It's part of the philosophy that's made ULTRA a leader in metal finishing for over 35 years.

Every project deserves a custom solution.
At ULTRA we take great care in developing custom solutions to fit your particular metal finishing needs.We start each project by listening to your needs and understanding your permance goals Then ULTRA's engineers develop a surface finish to meet your specific production needs.

Metal finishing is a complex process.
A wide variety of finishing materials and techniques are available today. Selecting the right process for your particular application requires technical knowledge and expertise. ULTRA has both the technology and the experience to develop the best finishing process for your job whether it requires hard chrome, electroless nickel, LRC or any number of other finishes. Each finish is carefully customized to solve specific functional problems, such as abrasion, corrosion, release, and lubricity,

Today's technology requires precision solutions.
High-speed equipment requires dependable, precision parts that can operate under close tolerances. ULTRA's computer-aided process control technology enables us to produce and reproduce finishes to exact specifications, for consistent performance

Our quality control sets the standard for the industry.
Thorough testing and inspection of each product, both before and after plating, allows our technicians to document the surface characteristics of each finish for future reference. Our plating baths are monitored and maintained daily by our chemist to ensure the finest, most uniform deposit possible on your part. We plate to many standard and military specifications and provide detailed reports of process parameters upon request. Our quality and quality control is second to none.

We're developing new solutions to meet your needs.
Our chemists and engineers are working to develop new techniques and processes to meet the growing demand for more efficient, more sophisticated finishes. ULTRA has maintained a position of leadership in the industry through research, experimentation and innovation.

We're working for a clean environment.
At ULTRA, we employ state-of-the-art air and water treatment equipment. Our technicians are trained to use extreme care in handling industrial chemicals. We insist on plant safety... and a safe environment for all of us.

Our staff of engineers and technicians are ready to assist you.
Our technicians are skilled in a wide variety of metals and techniques and serve a diverse array of industries. We're available to discuss our full range of finishing options and recommend designs best suited to your needs.


To learn more about how we can serve your needs, talk to one of our ULTRA Professionals. We'd like to hear from you.